First time Stamp on approved H1B,with in-process amendment filed for change in role, plus add multiple locations in new LCA


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I got an H1B approval in October 2017.

Employer filed  an amendment for change in job role and added locations for work (different branches in different cities  of the same employer + current client)  in November  2017.


Need to plan travel to India, will have to get stamping done. Should I go in with current approved I-797?

Or hold on to get new I-797 from amendment before I travel. My lawyer says it takes 6-8 months for amendment to be processed, so it is legally okay for finishing the stamping. 

1) How risky is this? 

2) What issues could I possibly face while interview stamping?

3) Will POE have any issues if stamping process goes well.


Please let me know.

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There is a start date to my new role on the LCA that is dated in November after the receipt notice for H1B amendment.  

So it explains that I have already started to work in the role for which employer is requesting an amendment. As per you, that could be an issue, right?

This new role is with the same employer.

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