need immediate help on parents visa


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My parents are on visitor visa, they visited USA from June 31st to aug 24 (two months). They visited again now on January 23rd 2018. The immigration officer at port of entry informed them that they can stay in USA only for a month, He also mentioned that if they extend more than a month, then he will make sure that they cannot enter USA one more time. When I checked the I94, it shows six months. I need your help on the same. Should they stay here for a month and travel back or they can stay here for six months, per I94. Also, the other option is visit canada and renew the i94. Or should I contact USCIS to extend the visa, but as the I94 is valid, they might get confused with my request !

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It could have been an error based on semantics. If there is no notation in the passport stating NO?EOS or COS, and if the online I94 shows 6 months and the entry stamp shows 6 months, then they have been paroled in for 6 months. Should you want to seek reassurance, you could either get in touch with the CBP and enquire politely stating there seems to be some misunderstanding by your parents about the duration of stay and asking them to confirm that they can stay for the 6 months in the I94. OR you could discuss the situation with a lawyer to get her take.


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I checked with the attorney, and they informed me that the I94 is the proof and I can go with the i94 and asked me to keep an copy of the i94. Posting it here to have other view on this information. 

After discussing with the attorney, i got the same response as what pontevecchio suggested :)

I am still not sue on what others mean by "the officer may have added a comment to their file." but per attorney, looks like all is good. 

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