Received a I797A thats already out of validity

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I am on H1, my 6 year max out was on 12/5/2017 (i94 validity - 12/15/2017). I filed my and family's extension in Oct 2017, USCIS received it on 10/25/2017. My Perm / Labor was approved while filing the extension, I140 was approved a month later. Ideally I am supposed to get an year's extension.

Today when I checked my mailbox I saw my family's approval notice. The notice date was 1/30/2018 and the petition validity is from 12/5/2017 to 1/23/2018, notice date is beyond the petition's validity date. The I94 has a date of 2/2/2018. This looks like a typo to me because the notice date is greater than the petition validity date. I am unable to reach DHS or go to any of their office being a weekend. what are my options here, is this is a legal issue? I haven't received my H1 extension yet, not sure if it would have similar issues. can my family stay in the US while I get this resolved with USCIS. Can I just call them and get this clarified?

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