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Hi All,
Currently working with Company A (on H1B) and moving to company B (on H1B).  
1) What are the possibilities for me to continue work with company A on part-time basis (4hrs weekly).
2) Do I need to inform and get approval from my new Employer B about part-time H1B?
3) Do I need to face any issues / queries when I go to India for VISA stamping or at Port of Entry?
4) Is it going to be a trouble maker for the future extensions or my GC processing?
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All H1bs are independent. You can have multiple H1b petitions approved at a time. Its legal. No need to inform other employers. Just make sure your current employer might has a clause that you cannot work for any other company at the same time as they are paying for those hrs. Again, its not related to immigration laws. Its comes under general Labor Laws. 

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