How different is the process for visa transfer from unused H1B to F1 and then back to H1B


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While in India, my company sponsored my H1B visa in Dec 2014. However, I never traveled to the USA on H1B. In 2016, I decided to pursue Masters in the USA. 

I got F1 visa in May 2016 and the immigration officer put "CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE stamp on my H1B visa while issuing F1. I entered United States on F1 visa. 

I want to know when I start working in the USA on my OPT and then when I want to move to H1B visa from OPT, How different the process will be from those who are simply moving from F1 to H1B?

Is there any impact on getting H1B visa due to this scenario? 

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thank You.

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