OPT Extension delayed for 210 days- Advice on options and follow up methods

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Hi! I applied for my OPT extension which was received by USCIS on July 12,2017(210 days since applied). Since them my status has been in case has been received. My 180 day grace period to work has also expired on Jan 30th. Right now I am on unpaid leave, I am looking for some advice here

1. Follow up   

  •  I logged two service requests on Dec 2, Jan 5 no response on each of these requests     
  •  Called Uscis customer care multiple times, each time I was asked to wait until current service request crosses 30 days time period     
  • My university followed up via the Senator's office on Jan 30,2018 and they were responded to wait for 30 days   
  •  I had an info pass appointment on Feb 05,2018, The person emailed the officer who is assigned to my case and said that's all she could                      do and provided no time line or additional information

     Is there anything that I could do to follow up or speed up the process. This has been frustrating as the application is pending for no evident reason and  I am about to lose my position because of this delay.

2. Alternate work options   

  •  Is it possible to work from a different country say India and wait for my application to process, while I am registered on payroll in USA? Is it legally valid to do such a thing?

Thanks for your attention.


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Hi there,

I have exactly the same situation with you and now I feel a little desperate because the application deadline of H1b is coming.

I asked some attorneys and also the ISSS in my school about my current status in United States. Since I am not sure if I am using the two-month grace period or the unemployment period to wait for the response. Some said we can still stay until we hear a result of our application but it is sort of grey area that nobody can give me a 100% sure answer...

We can discuss more or share more info if you want...

Hope we can here something as soon as possible.

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