Application for citizenship after expat assignment abroad


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Hi all, here are the circumstances of my case, really hoping to get some peace of mind based on advice here:


- Received GC while on expat assignment abroad, in Nov 2011. During this assignment, I was always a US employee for a large MNC and received an allowance abroad. Maintained my house here along with bank accounts, received a US salary, filed for Federal and State taxes, etc. I did have to rent my house though, based on company rules. 

- Came back to the US in March 2012 and applied for re entry permits, stayed in the US for a few months at a rental accommodation, also had our first child here during that time, left in August 2012

- Traveled back to the US again in March 2013 for a business trip

- Moved back into our house in Dec 2013

- Maintained continuous residence from then to now, save a few business trips and vacations


Based on facts and circumstances above, my questions are:


- Should I go ahead and apply for my naturalization now? Or wait another 10 months to complete 5 years? Our lawyer believes that we can apply after 4 years and 1 day, it has been 4 years and 2 months of continuous residence in our case without counting any of the time that we spent abroad even though we did our best to maintain our residence here even during that time by paying our taxes, earning a US salary, etc.

- Can they by any chance deny our US naturalization AND cancel our green card as we weren't in the country when we got it? And also lived outside for a while...

- What happens if our naturalization request is denied? Can we file again?


Thanks in advance for all your help and responses.



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Hi, i am in same boat...

GC date - 4th june 2014 ( in usa)

expat assignment start - feb 2015

applied for re entry permit

assignment end - jan 2016

out of country for 11 months....but had my house and bank accounts etc in usa active

concerns for n400 filing next year?

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