E3 Visa


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  1. Australian Citizen on E3 (visa expiry 03/01)
  2. Applied for an extension on 12/07 (received confirmation from USCIS that they are in receipt of documents). Current Status- "Case was received"
  3. Am working in a state 'x' and have provided the client letter from an employer in state 'x'. However, the team is being ramped down and I will become redundant
  4. Got an offer from another employer in state 'y'


  1. What are the chances of the E3 visa getting rejected?
  2. In case, I pick up the new assignment in state 'y', what process should I be going through? What documents will I need to submit to USCIS?
  3. Are there any risks associated with moving over to state 'y' 
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