H1 transfer between non-profit & for-profit companies


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I am currently on my OPT-STEM which is valid until next year.

I am working for a non-profit company "B" that's willing to file my non-profit H1 in Sept 2018. However, I have another for-profit company "A" that's willing to file my regular H1 in Apr 2018. From other posts, I have come to know that a regular H1 can be transferred to a non-profit company however, I have the following questions:

  1. If my H1 gets picked in Apr 2018, can I continue working on my OPT until my company B files a non-profit H1?
  2. If my for-profit H1 gets picked in the lottery, what can my non-profit employer B do? Transfer the for-profit H1 that was picked in the lottery or file non-profit H1?
  3. And then last, while switching back from non-profit to for-profit, do I have to have H1B valid and active? What if my for-profit employer revoked the H1B application.. is it still possible for me to not to go through the lottery and just transfer H1B profit to other profit company

-Thank you!

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