H4 Visa Stamping - 221g asking for Spouse Visa copy (Or) proof that husband is in US currently


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Both me and my wife got visa stamped in August 2017 when we were in India for my old employer. After that, I alone traveled to U.S while my wife stayed back.

I came back to US and transferred to another employed through H-1B transfer and got it approved. To reflect the latest visa approval on her passport, my wife appeared for drop box visa stamping once again although she can travel on the existing visa stamp with old employer.

 Yesterday, she collected her passport with 221g that asked her to submit a copy of my (husband's) latest visa OR alternate documents proving that I am in US currently and also appear for consulate interview. She did carry all the documents including my visa copy , pay stubs, lettter from my new employer for her dropbox interview. They did not ask for them and collected only my latest I-797 petition along with the previous one. 

May I know what kind of documents in addition to my visa copy that she needs to carry to prove that I am in US currently? Once she submits them tomorrow, how much time will it take to process?

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18 hours ago, gotbeer said:


Maybe your I-94 travel history? (it should show your last date on entry in the US)?

Thanks. My wife attended the visa interview last week and submitted my visa stamp from the employer with which I traveled to the U.S. They accepted the passport and today I am seeing the status as "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery". I presume it is all set and that we will be getting it soon.

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