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I've valid H1B till 30th June 2018. My employer filed for another extension in premium processing and ended up in RFE. They are working to respond to the RFE and hopefully it will get approved. In case of an rejection, I wanted to be prepared and  it would be great someone please clarify my below questions?

1. Can I stay till my current petition/visa export date of 30th June 2018 even if my extension is denied?

2.  If yes to question 1, what are the best options to file for another extension before my current visa expiry?

   - File another petition using same employer.

  - File transfer using different employer.

3. If no to question 1, how soon I need to leave the country and when I can file for another extension/transfer. I've valid I140 with PD 2008.

Is there any policy in USCIS NOT to file for another extension/transfer with 6 months of rejection?






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