Incorrect date stamped on Passport


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I am in H1B and i recently entered to US on Jan 29th 2018 and my stamped visa is expiration date is 05/Feb/2020.During the Port of entry the officer asked about the purpose of visit and job designation, later he asked for my fingerprints then he stamped the deal. 

I didn't opened the passport at that moment. Later on the day, i noticed the admit date is 29 Jan 2018 under that the officer mentioned H1B written in hand and sealed  another date 28 Apr 2018.

But on my i-94 the most recent entry date is 29 Jan 2018 and the admit until date is as per my stamped visa date 05/Feb/2020. 

What should i do now? Do i need to consider the date entered on passport or online I-94 ?.

Also for correcting the dates on Passport what are procedures?.

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