Is it okay to file amendment and extension together before 6 months of visa expiry ?


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I have a valid H1b Visa till Sep 2018. I did not go to stamping yet to India. Recently I joined at a new job in Jan 2018. I wanted my employer to file a amendment for my job change but he said lets do only LCA change since my new job location is under same MSA. Considering that I might need to travel to India we are now planning to file for an amendment. However my concern is I have never joined at my new job without the receipt but now I have to file amendment one after joining at the job which is concerning me.

Is it okay to file an amendment after joining at the job location ?

Me and my employer got to know from the attorney that I can file my amendment and extension before 6 months! But my concern people are telling me that chances of getting an approved visa for 3 years are really slim. Is it true ?


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