Eligibility to file i-485 after aging out of dependent

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My employment based Green card is being processed, priority date become current  and waiting for i140-approval. My daughter turned 21, cone out of state and waiting for F1 (Student visa) approval. it is confirmed that she is protected by CSPA. 

my employer says that , they can not include my daughter into i-485(adjustment of status) filing  even she is protected by CSPA. Because she is now out of status and waiting for F1 approval. and also we can not include her with in 90 days after F1 approval because of 90 days rule.


1). is it true that the candidate who is in Visa approval pending state, can not file i-485 (adjustment of status)?

2). is it true that 30 days rule is applicable to the students even living in USA for 10 years as a dependent and continuing?

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