Question regarding citation and Selective Service


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Hi I wanted to know if I have to say yes to Question number 23 which asks whether I have EVER been stopped by a cop, does this mean also for a speeding ticket that I was given in 2009 which I fought and won via a lawyer , the case was dismissed and it didn't get put on my drivers license. 

Also I was on a H1 till 2013 September and got my Green card 10 days before my 31st birthday , I just learnt about the Selective Service requirement would I not be able to apply for citizenship? I didnt know I had to register :( ... 

Any thoughts or advice would be very helpful! 


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36 minutes ago, pontevecchio said:

You may let them know at the Interview.

As regards Selective Service could you not have looked it up in this site?

Honestly pontevecchio I have zero idea that this was a requirement , if I did I for sure would have done it :( I got my green card when I was 30 years and 352 days old so I am hoping that means I am exempt from having to register .. The other thing I had going on is I dislocated my shoulder in 2011  so in no way would I have been able to do anything physical ..... but that aside my main reason of posting this was because I honestly had no idea about this being a need. All I really have heard from people was the bio metrics and the interview and the fact that you have to be consistently present in the country .... 

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It looks as if you read something about selective services and 30 years, but didn't quite understand it...

The issue with this for naturalization is that not registering for selective services when required to is considered bad moral character according to the law, and for naturalization, they look at evidence of bad moral character 5 years back.

Since males between 18 and 25 (except non-immigrants) are required to register, if you had gotten your GC before the age of 26, you should wait with naturalization until 5 years after turning 26.

But all that doesn't even apply to you because you were 30 when you got your GC...

As I said, reading up on things instead of panicking is always a good idea...

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Oh, and if you really want to be sure, you can request a later from selective services that you weren't required to register. See their website

I personally needed such a letter for graduate school, they asked for it to get student loans from the government...

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