Urgent: H4 to F1 COS Still Under Process, H4 Expiring


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Hi All,

Current Status: H4 Expiring on Mar 2nd 2018, H4 to F1 Conversion applied on Jun 20 2017 and is Still in Processing

I'm in Last Trimester (Only 1 Subject is left in this Trimester), but my H4 to F1 Conversion is still NOT completed. My I-20 is NOT deferred. So, When my F1 COS is processed by USCIS, I might get an RFE for new I20. My College won't issue a New I20 as I'm in Last Trimester and Graduating. Even though an I20 is generated, my COS get rejected because my H4 might be expired by then.

Below is the Option which I think I have before me. Would need your Advice on this.
1. Apply H4 Extension. If F1 gets approved, apply for H4 Revocation.
2. Take a Trimester Break Now. This will cause my College to generate a New I20 for Summer in case of an RFE

Thanks for your Help!

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