Oath ceremony letter not coming

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Hello  I passed my interview successfully on Oct 13, 2017 and the officer gave me a paper saying Congratulations your file has been approved and told me you will get the oath ceremony letter in 6 weeks. Unfortunately 15 weeks have passed but no update on when the oath ceremony will be held. I called USCIS customer care and lodged a query, on which I got the same reply what my paper says which the interviewing officer gave me.

My mother is sick and I need to travel but worried that what if the oath letter comes in my absence. Out of 120 days which is the processing time USCIS has only 15 days are remaining. 

I’ve been reading on different forums wherein people have not received their oath letter in spite of passing of 120 days.

ive written to the senator too but no reply from their office. PLEASE HELP. My interview was at Holtsville NY Long Island.

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The 120 days is about them approving or denying the case. They have 120 days from the interview to make that decision. Looks like your case is approved, so the decision has been made.

So, in your case, there is no 120 day limit.

If you need to travel, have somebody who can get your mail during your absence, and be prepared to travel back on short notice. The oath notice is usually sent with a couple weeks notice.

Also, most oath ceremonies are also court sessions (for name changes, which only a court can do), so you can possibly check the district court website for the dates of oath ceremonies. I do know that works in at least a couple court jurisdictions, e.g., in CA, but I don't know about NY.


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Historically, they used to schedule the interview before the background check was complete. They then waited for a long time for the background check to complete before approving the N-400. That's where all the 120-day stuff came in. People started filing wits of mandamus to force USCIS to make a decision on their cases after 120 days. USCIS very quickly approved these cases as soon as the WoM was filed. Because of that, they nowadays don't schedule the interview until after the background check is completed.

And in your case, they gave you a letter saying they approved your application. In my own case, I didn't get such a letter. My letter said they recommend approval, but they have to do more checks. Because of that, I would have been able to file a WoM if they hadn't approved my case within 120 days. Based on your narrative, you don't have that option. Legalese is strange that way...

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1 hour ago, Shurap1 said:

Why don't you try going back to field office and talking to officer at the main window? They can schedule oath ceremony and give the letter to  you and if not they can tell what is happening.

One cannot just walk in to USCIS field office without a infopass appointment and Infopass appointments are not available

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Have you reached out to USCIS ombudsman?

Also From what I understand the Oath ceremony letter, they provide you 3 weeks buffer before the actual date of the ceremony. 

You can also seek a law firm and give them authorization to your case. They will be contacted in your absence and can make a decision based on your input.  This might cost few hundred dollars but every circumstance is different. 

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