Return to USA on OPT expiring 10/31 with part-time job offer letter


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(OPT) started on 11/01/2017 and ends on 10/31/2018

Currently working at a school (UCSD) as a Community Education Specialist II. This is a part-time job/16 hours a week. 

I also volunteer with my professor and conduct research. This is also a part-time unpaid/volunteer position/20 hours a week.

I wanted to visit India for a week. The tentative dates I would like to travel are 02/20/2018-02/27/2018. I do not have an OPT extension and my end date for OPT as mentioned above is 10/31/2018

Will I have any issues at the POE ?

Is my offer letter from the school sufficient documentation ?

Is it advisable to not travel at all ?

My concern is 2 fold - part-time job and no-extension available within 7 months of travel.

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