I-20 Expired, Not graduated


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I was suppose to graduate Fall of 2017, and I asked the school an I-20 for OPT. Thus, my I-20 was shortened from Dec 19, 2019 to Dec 16, 2017. 

However, I had some academic issues with the school as I was accused of cheating, and I was waiting for an appeal to process for this case.

The appeal decision was submitted on Nov 20 but it came out on Dec 18 (which was after my I-20 expiration date).

In the meantime,  on Dec 11, I have not extended I-20 within time as the school's international advisor told me to wait for the decision.

Since the decision came after my I-20 date, my I-20 expired and the decision came to me as responsible for violating and thus cannot pass the course to graduate.

Now the advisor recommends me to re-enter US with a new I-20 to finish the course I didn't pass in Summer 2018 (The process took them too long to get me into Spring 2018). This option will take away my option to apply for OPT which is one of my reasons to why I study in the US. I asked about reinstatement, but the DSO claims that while SEVIS is not terminated but the I-20 has expired, I am not eligible for reinstatement.

Is there any way to reinstate my case or any option to regain chance of OPT? I can't begin to purse a new degree to do OPT. Thank you.


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