RFE response review - No update after 60 days!


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I have got RFE on Mar 20th and the response was sent on April 19th. USCIS status changed to RFE response review on April 20th. Its been more than 60 days now, either my employer or me haven't received any written update/decision from USCIS.

What should I do now? Should I upgrade the case to PP? any advice will be appreciated.


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H1b transfer and extension(Regular) Vermont

Desi Consulting company

-Applied Jan 20/2011

- Receipt Date Jan 24th

-March 16th(1-797 and i-94 expired)

-RFE on April 8

-RFE EMPLOYER response April 15th

-RFE Response Review April 21

Still no update, 60 days passed :(

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My employer called USCIS today and when he explained the situation the USCIS representative was reading the exact lines from the online status and she told that the online status is the latest status.

So my employer raised a request and they said my employer has to wait for 30 more days, if the status remains same then he can call USCIS.

Its 70 days passed now, need to wait for another 30 days :(

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