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Hi, I am on H1 B and my wife is on H4 EAD and is working as a full time employee. My H1 (and thus H4 EAD )is shortly going to expire Aug 2018. My employer is a big company and is not ready to file my H1 under premium(even if I am ready to pay for it). They file for Extension only before 3 months before the expiry and it could take more than 6 months for approval and then I need to file for my wife's EAD. This will force my wife to quit her job. I was thinking if I could switch my job and go to a new employer and get my H1 transfer processed in premium and then file for my wife H4 EAD. so that she could continue working in her current job. Please suggest me if that works? Also, if I get my H1 transfer done but dont join the new employer, can I still get my wife's H4 EAD extended with the new H1 from new employer? please suggest.

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It is sad that big companies have these insane rules which puts employees under so much stress. Sorry Bro.

You sure can change jobs and do not even have to wait for H1 approval for the H4 Ead application. Talk to the new company attorney and apply H4 application and H4 EAD application along with your H1B transfer application. If your H1B is under premium your spouse's H4 and EAD will "most likely" also be under premium.

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