USCIS status for H1bExtension shows denied. Could this be an error at their end?


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For my H1b extension, RFE response was received by USCIS on Dec-26, however they haven't updated the online case status till Jan-18. Ands on Jan-18th the status shows that the documents were received on 01/18 and not 12/26. On 19th case status changed to Denied. Could all this be some clerical error at USCIS side? What are my next options?

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1. If you have not signed up in USCIS case management, sign up and add your case, so you will get to know historical data.

2. If you are already using the above, need to consult your attorney, as they would receive notices for the actions/decisions USCIS have taken on your case.

Sometimes it's possible that USCIS doesn't update your case correctly,but in your case I doubt

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