Which Consulate is better Hyd or Chennai??


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I am planning to visit India this Oct. I need to go for stamping. I came to USA with F1 visa and after that I started forking for as a consultant and got H1 from a company. I worked for 15 months with that company and transferred my H1 to new employer 2 months ago. But my client is same. I changed my employer as, my new employer has direct relation with my client. By the time I go for stamping in Oct i will be 3 months old with my new employer.

So can any one suggest which consulate is better to attend in current scenario? Hyd or Chennai?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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Per VFS, you can go to any consulate if you are already in US and visiting India.

But, these days things are so bad, you HAVE to select a consulate based on home state. VO's reject applications and they ask applicants go back to home state consulate. Since you are a consultant, (sorry to say) its even more difficult.

Go to home state consulate.

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