H1b Transfer Approved..But H1b Amendment Denied


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My employer filed an H1b transfer in June 2017. We got level1 wage RFE for it.  
To be on safer side my employer increased my wage and filed an amended petition with level 2 wage. We got "Right To Control" RFE on it.

My level1 petition(transfer) got approved.But my amendment got denied. Both of them are for same client and vendor.

My employer attorney says that i am good with status and he can give me level 1 wage as per approved petition

My Questions:
 Am i out of status now..?
 Is there any action my employer has to take..?
 Will there be any problem if i go for VISA stamping now.?
 If i continue on my approved petition with there be any problem for future amendments/extension..?

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