H1B stamped india and lost passport in USA


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Hi I  have visited India for my H1B stamping in October 2017 and I had a wet and reckless on my record from 2015. I went in for medical evaluation and got my visa stamped after 2 weeks. Unfortunately after coming back from India, i have lost my documents in airport. I lost my arrest related documents, DUI school documents, and court documents along with my passport and I-797. I got my new passport and new I-797. I have scanned copies of all my wet and reckless related case documents. I am going to India on a business trip and I will have to go for my visa stamping once again. So my question is will it be a Dropbox since my stamping is done already few months back or do I have to go through the same medical evaluation and everything once again. Also will I need the original documents of my case to be produced, last time I have submitted the consulate scanned copies of my documents and did not give any hard copies. I will be going to same place and same consulate once agin for stamping. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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