Forced Employer Change

Olia P

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Hi - my situation is as follows:
I-140 and I-485 filed concurrently; USCIS receipt date - October 19, 2016; I-140 approved on November 7, 2017. 
Priority date per the approval notice for I-140: July 1,  2016.
H1B ran out on December 15, 2016 after 6 full years, I have been on EAD (I-765/ Employment Authorization) since January 26, 2017 while her PERM, I-140 and I-765 have been pending; EAD has been approved this week. 
My I-140 was originally filed in NYC but due to wage rejected, subsequently refiled in Chicago, I moved to keep the job and the case from NYC to Chicago. Now my employer has laid me off but promised not to revoke I-140. 
To port my case - do I have to be in Chicago or can I be in another area of the country, also, what is the range on the compensation? My compensation for Chicago for my role is quite high and other similar jobs pay $20K or $30K less. Is it more important to get a job now even at lower pay or do I need to keep looking for higher paying job? How strict is immigration on these items? I am really concerned, please help. 
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