COS H4 to F1


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My Son is doing Undergraduate and turning 21 by Jan 2019 and current H4 is valid for Oct 2018.

Now planning to apply COS to F1.  The questions are:

  1. If F1 approval not received before H4 expiry date Oct 2018 , can he continue undergraduate while F1 is processing.


  2. While F1 is under process and can I apply h4 extension for 3 months period (until Jan 2019 , will be turning 21).


  3. He will be finishing undergraduate by Dec 2018. Now a days F1 processing time between 9 to 12 months, assuming that got F1 approval for  Dec 2018. How will continue after Dec 2018 , to do masters , do we need to apply another F1 based masters I20.  I am trying to understand between UG and Master Program how F1 visa it will work.

Appreciate your help.

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