COS H4 to F1 Canadian Stamping & OPT


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I am right now in H4 in USA, I have been studying masters in USA for the past one year. I am trying to change to F1 in my last semester to avail OPT. I have three question regarding OPT and COS from H4 to F1. (My Wife does not have her Permanent residency applied yet.)


1.  My DSO advised to do my H to F visa COS in a consulate instead of USCIS since its taking longer time for approval like 6 to 10 months. Will this affect my OPT eligibility, i have been full time student in H4.

2. If it does not affect my OPT eligibility,  is it advisable to do my stamping in Canada ?

3. If my stamping gets rejected can i comeback to USA using my H4 visa ?




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