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I am working full time for a company. I need help in proceeding with my H1B case. I am on OPT extension while my H1B (Vermont) is still pending, i got an RFE(Speciality O) in June 2017 and we submitted the response in Aug 2017. Since then we haven't receive an update from USCIS neither to the Employer nor the lawyer. Its been like 158 days since i submit my RFE. I am planning to go to premium processing now. Is it recommended to go for PP or wait for few more days??. Because my Next H1B filing date is approaching. Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.



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I understand the predicament but it is impossible to suggest whether to wait for few more days or not for certainty. If I were you, I might make a decision based on following:

In worst case scenario if I need to apply for a new H1B for FY 2019 quota, do I need to find a new job/employer OR will the current employer file again without any doubt. If you need to find a new job/employer, better get a clarity on the current petition asap. If you don't need to, and since FY 2019 quota based applications start on April 2nd, you might be alright waiting till end of month before asking your employer to upgrade to premium processing

Good luck

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