What's the fate of a H1-B holder who is on a wanted criminal list in his home country?


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This is from a friend:-


I have been caught up in a false police complaint in India and till date I have not gone to participate in the investigation, despite many summons. 
I recently came to know that the Indian government has issued warrants of arrest on my name and Immigration authorities are on look out for me; so I would be arrested the moment I land in India. 

I want to understand if my Indian passport is impounded/cancelled, would I be denied Visa extension ? 
If USCIS is informed of my cancelled passport, can they suspend my H1-B visa?

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Here is my suggestion* :


You are not guilty until the law and plaintiffs proves so. You will not lose your visa status until proven guilty.

However, the motion can be filed against your travel within the jurisdiction of India and abroad which will require you to submit your passport to the investigating authority or the court in which the motion is filed and granted. It will remain in that state until you file the challenging motion OR investigation leads to your acquittal OR the fate of the investigation --> Legal matter is decided in your favor whichever comes first.

I recommend you seek immigration lawyer who are far better than the crowd-sourced forums like this one as it involves a lot of personal case scenarios that can work in favor of or against you. Anything you write on forums can be  summoned as a part of investigation and may be used against you.

All the best   !


*Disclaimer : I am not a lawyer nor an advisory in personal or public criminal lawsuits. My opinions here are solely from the general purpose knowledge I gathered by being "In the Know" of legal matters.


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