F1 student marrying US citizen in INDIA and re-enter US on F1 visa


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I am currently a PhD student under F1-ViSA in the USA. I plan to marry an American citizen (Arranged marriage by parents) in India on June 2018. After the marriage I plan to enter USA in the same F1-VISA. But later while filing AOS it will be a visa fraud as I enter USA on F1 with "intent to immigrate". I have one possible solution for this. 

1. Marry in India but do not register the marriage. Come back to USA on F1, conduct a formal wedding in the USA and file AOS with that wedding. 

Is this a possible solution. Since the time is short I would not able to first marry in the USA file AOS then travel to India in June for the wedding. As all arrangements are already made I do not know what else to do. Let me know your suggestions. 

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20 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Instead of making any assumptions let the firm of Murthy or any of your choice guide you about the way to go.

If you return on a F1 visa and file AOS after one year, you will have no trouble in any case.

Thanks for the information. I will get in touch with someone at your firm. 

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