GC Start Process Question - Dont have roles & responsibilities letter from Previous employer

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Employment letters with roles and responsibilities are primary evidence.  In case you do not have primary evidence and your i-140 approval depends upon employment letters to prove you are eb2/eb3 eligible based on experience in certain skills, you will quite probably get an RFE to provide those letters on employer letter head and signed by hr/manager or other officials. If you do not have primary evidence, you will have to provide secondary evidence which may include:

1 (Probably Must)- proof that good faith measures were taken to contact previous employers and that they are not giving the letters to your.

2: Along with 1 , you can submit letters by previous colleagues specifying your skills and things you worked on.  

These may or may not work and you may get further RFE's.

Best bet is to start working on getting those letters from employers or secondary evidence from previous colleagues.



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