221 g Blue slip for submitting updated client letter


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I am Chethan Honnavara Shankara, having H1B Visa application, which is under 221g Administrative processing, Case is created on 30-11-2017 and asked to submit the updated client letter, to confirm my job position available upon my return. I have submitted the client letter on 18-12-2017. Since then case is in administrative processing as of 11-01-2018.

In most of the 221g client letter requested cases USCIS contacted the client with in 2 weeks of time But in my case my client haven't recevied any communication either email or via phone, I wrote a email to support-india@traveldocs.com But received the standard answer to wait till 60 days since the case is administrative processing. Please advise what is next step ?

Notes :

on 30-11-2017 Drop boxed the Mine and my wife's passport in VFS office Bangalore .

on 10-Dec-2017 received the passport form VFS office found blue slip - asking to appear for interview with updated client letter which confirms my job vacancy up on my return.


on 18-Dec-2017 attended the interview , Interview went smooth normal questions and Consular officer told they have received all the document they were looking for nothing is required from my side, But they need some time to process my case I will get email from USCIS with other slip which is checked to send passport, upon receiving the email i need to drop the passport back in Banglore VFS office.

But till today no no email and case last updated is Dec-18-2017.. 

My one more worry is client is not connected ? 


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