AOS - Prority date is current *I made my Husband as primary holder for my I485**


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Hi All,

Me and my Husband both have GC process from respective companies.

My Priority date is 2010 and My husbands went current Oct 2017; both EB2 category.

I received EAD back in 2012 and we both have EAD/AP since then as my Company sponsored family based EAD/AP .

Last October when my Husband's Priority date went current, upon discussing with attorney I made my Husband as primary holder since only I-485 can be active at any time once date is current.

Now, there are layoffs happening in my company. If I lose the job, will I still be in EAD status (family based) since my husband is primary holder now.

Or should I file H4 immediately? 

Can I look for another job using EAD without H1-B transfer?

If I leave the country, can I re-enter US using AP? EAD/AP is valid till 2019 mid.

Thanks in advance!



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