H1-B RFE - Vermont center processing time


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Hey Everyone! 

My RFE response was submitted on October 10th,2017 and it's still in processing with vermont center. I am currently on OPT extension and have one more slot to apply for H1-B this April 2018.  Should I change it to premium and know the current H1-B result before applying again in April ?( incase if it is denied) Can the previous one still be in processing when I apply again or will it become invalid? 

I also have to apply for amendment  after it get's approved, since I changed  clients in between.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in anticipation! 




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I am in the same boat you are. I have replied for RFE on October 25 and there is no status update yet on my case. And my OPT is ending on March 25 so I have to get result on my RFE. I am converting my case to premium processing to get the approval or denial. Because what I have heard from my attorney is that you cannot apply for H1 again if your previous application status is pending with same employer. And in my case I am working on full-time with same employer so I need to get decision before its late. 


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