H1-B Extension and RFE/Denial related query

Sam Daniel

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Hi, I work for an India based service provider. I had h1-b extension filled in July'17 with Client A in Texas, my I-94 expired in September 2017. While the extension was pending, I moved to Client B in September'17 in Ohio, where my employer filled Amendment+Extension for Client B. After joining Client B, both the cases were upgraded to premium in Oct'17 and both cases received RFE. Early this month, the Client A related RFE was responded with the SOW details of Client A(which was valid only till April'18), but it got denied on 1/10. 
What are the implications and options that I may have, will my employer ask me to wait till the Client B related RFE will be responded and adjudicated or will they ask me to leave back to India immediately? 
Can an extension be withdrawn, meaning the Client A related RFE should not have been responded at all by my employer, keeping in mind that I already moved to Client B under same employer? 

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