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Hi There,

I'm on H1b and my stamped visa is valid till April 15th 2018.

I renewed my passport last year and also got a 3yr extension with approved i-140(based on new passport).

I'm planning to travel to India in Feb and planning to return by Mar 31st.(15 days prior to expiration)

Do i still need to go for the stamping though i 've a stamped visa? Are there any travel restrictions associated with Stamped visa expiration date / passport change(new)

My intention is to skip the stamping if possible.

I still work for the same employer as shown on my stamped visa(obviously extn).

Appreciate your feedback

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55 minutes ago, pontevecchio said:

Why skip a visa?

In any case you will have to carry both passports and the H1 visa in the older passport remains valid for use.

Thank you.

Sorry just to be clear,  I can legally travel back to US as long as i carry the specified documents  without going for the stamping?

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