Stayed 2 weeks in US after I-94 expiry.. will it cause problem in H4 Stamping..??


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Hi All,

My wife is going for the H4 VISA stamping in Hyderabad next week. Seeing the current situation and so many VISA rejections, we are a little scared. Now, we have 2 queries for which I might need your suggestion/feedback.

1. My wife stayed in US for 2 weeks after I-94 expiry date (due to some confusion with my employer, my wife's H4 extension could not be filed before I94 end date, hence she had to travel back to India).

2. While in US, my wife had applied for H1-B visa through another employer for which we have already received the receipt.

Could you please tell me if the above two situations would cause any kind of issue duing her H4 stamping process..?? and how would we make ourselves prepared to handle the questions..??

Based on your experience, if you could pass on to us the possible questions that might be asked during stamping process, that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance..!!

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