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Hello Friends,

I am asking this question on behalf of my friend as I want him to join me for getting the visa stamping done in Mexico, but he is not willing to take chances.  Here is his situation:

- He has a 3-year non-cs bachelors degree from India + Diploma in Computer Applications.
- 20 years of experience, 17 in the US.
- Visa expired in 2009 and since then he didn't visit India
- Working as a full-time employee from last 7 years with one of the fortune 100 companies.

His concern is given his education background, he is worried that he may not be able to successfully get visa stamping done.  For his H1B extension, he had credentials evaluations from a professor who evaluated his education + experience to a double degree.

I am wondering if you folks have any thoughts on this situation. Just trying to gather thoughts from here, so that I can either convince or otherwise.  If majority of the folks feel that it is not worth taking chances, I will not insist him.  Appreciate your feedback. 




P.S:  I will also be cross posting in the "Visa Stamping" group as well.

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