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Hi Everyone,

In my case, in 2016, I used to work for company A as full time employee on H1B. I even have stamping and due to layout, I had to go with other company B (Consultancy) and Company A revowed my H1B. As I do not have job, company B files H1B transfer as an inhouse project in Feb 2017. Later in March 2017, I a job with client and I am working as a contractor. Now client wants to onboard me, where still H1B is in pending as it is in RFE. I spoke to others and I came to know I can apply H1B transfer to client without any issue and I accepted the offer with my client. Client did not start the process yet, and mean while my H1B with company B got denied. I spoke to my company B and they told due to inhouse project they denied the application, and they are going to file new LCA with the current client and will do premium process as we will have 60 days period to take action.

1. Is my applicaiton denied because of inhouse and if so, will they approve if they apply with real client now?

2. When my company B files with new LCA, and once I get the receipt number(before approval), Can I ask my client to start H1B Transfer?

3. Else, Can I ask both my Employer B and client to start the process at a time?

4. If nothing works as above, what is the best step for me to take?

Any input will be greatly helpful. Thank you in advance.

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