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I have applied for H1b in 2017 and the Events are as follows :

Pick notice : May 2017

RFE :  august 2017

reply to RFE :  Oct 2017

Date displayed on USCIS website ( RFE received date) : 2nd Nov 2017

Processing Center : California

My employer has filed H1 on wage 1 salary (US Masters Quota).  Is it a good option to opt for PP at this moment of time, since the rfe response did cross 60 days time period. Please suggest.

Thank you


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I submitted my RFE response to the California Service center on December 6th 2017. It was also submitted as premium processing. I got an email with a receipt notice as RFE documents with application type as premium received on 6th December. When i checked the online status on 21 st December, the status changed to RFE response received on 20th December. When my attorney checked with USCIS, they said there is some system error. That is all the information received. Does anybody have the same issue with their case ? Ideally there should have been a response within 15 days as it was a premium application, but it is close to 40 days and there has still be no update

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I haven't even received an initial response to my application for extension (on approved I 140) filed on July 5th, 2017.  Since it has been over 6 months since my application was submitted to USCIS, I am working with my attorney to see if I can submit an inquiry on my case.  WAC has been outrageously slow.

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Is e-request same as service request. On the USCIS status check page, it gives the link to create an e-request (Submit a case inquiry).

Mine extension was filed on 6th Jul 2017, RFE received on 16th Sep 2017, which was responded on 15th Nov 2017 as per online status. Since then there is status update on USCIS status page.

When I try to submit case inquiry, it says, if it's more than 60 days after RFE response submitted you can submit a case inquiry, but when I try to complete the form, it always says the case is still within posted time limit and the inquiry can not be submitted.

1. Did anyone tried that option and know when does site think is too much time past to accept inquiry?

2. Can I expect a different response if I try to call the number given on the page.

By the way my employer too say that there is no advantage submitting SR, if I want I can get it processed in premium.

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I have the same issue as well. Applied for H1B in 2017 and got an RFE in August and I have submitted the RFE documents in October. I have changed it to premium procession in December and it is more that 20 business days that I have changed it to premium. I didn't hear anything from them, still waiting for their response. My attorney raised a request 3 days back and no response as of now. I am totally confused about this, don't know why it is taking too long. My employer told me we should hear some response within 15 business days once we change it to premium. 


There's nothing but to wait for their response !!!


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I got a response on the SR created by my Employer. It just says that it is currently pending adjudication and they are unable to provide me a completion date at this time.

One of my another friend responded on the RFE on Nov 9th and he got his approval on Jan 18th. Looks like they are not working on Oct cases as of now.

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2 of my colleagues responded in Nov. 1 of them got the approval exact after a month in Dec and the other one got it in Jan. Both in Normal Processing. In fact, one of my other colleague also applied in December and he got his approval in Jan.

Looks like October cases are being ignored purposely. May be they are just approving the cases after October and getting greedy for Premium fees from Oct candidates :D

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