First time h1b stamping, received 221g Mumbai consulate


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Me and my wife went to Mumbai US consulate for h1b and h4 stamping respectively on Nov 27th, 2017. This is my first time h1b stamping and have i797 approved until 2020. I was on F1 STEM OPT status prior to stamping. Visa officer asked below questions:

- Whats your position and role?

- Whats your salary?

- How long have you worked for this company?

- Again whats my salary?

- Do you have client letter? I said yes and gave her client letter

and officer issued me a yellow rfe slip asking to submit below documents via email

- A client letter head stating that there is a vacancy for me

- Copy of petition, i129 and lca

- Complete project details, marketing analysis, number of employees assigned etc.

I did submit all documents on Dec 5th, 2017. My status has been in administrative processing ever since and no updates to date. 

Has anyone been to Mumbai consulate and facing the same issue?. Its already been a month and there is no update whats so ever. How long does this process takes?. Please share experiences if anyone was or is in a same spot. Not quite sure what timelines expect.

Thanks in advance!.

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