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My priority date ( for Employment Based ) will become current soon. I am a principal applicant. some time back my spouse (derivative) is Out of status ( I-94 NOT expired but not on pay roll for more than 6 months on H1B). should my spouse eligible to file an EB based I-485 ? if eligible will it impact the outcome of I-485 ? are any chances of I-485 denial in this case ? did any one filed I-485 in similar situation ? any inputs are welcome

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The question is not eligibility, it is admissibility. Being out of status for over 180 days generally disqualifies someone from being admissible. The best thing is to enter the country on some visa that she will be able to maintain status in, like H4. That's the other question - why did not she file a COS to H4 and stayed out of status?

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