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I have done Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Masters in Nanotechnology.

I am here in USA on H1B Visa. So far I worked for same employer and now am planning to file for a H1 Transfer.

Can I file transfer based on Bachelors alone(avoiding Masters, as Nanotechnology is very less relevant to IT and that too its a specialization)? or we should not skip degree just like that?

Any thoughts are greatly welcome.




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H1B is an employer petition and they define the minimum requirements for their job opening. If you are hired for a certain position, it is also the employer's responsibility to prove to USCIS as to how your education and experience fits the minimum requirements set forth by the job in question. If the job requires Bachelors, any higher education like MS, PhD etc., are deemed irrelevant for job in question but should be part of the education history nonetheless - never lie or hide things when it comes to immigration matters. Also, unless you are transferring your visa to a consulting/staffing firm, you will never have a say in job requirements.

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