H1b extension based on 140 - Concerns due to recent proposals?


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I have a approved 140 with my ex-employer with a PD of Dec 2008. I changed to a new employer few years back (2011) and doing H1B extension based on the approved 140 from ex-employer since I completed my 6th year in 2011. My current employer started my PERM application last year and it is in processing state.

My H1B  extension is due in few months and going to do it in premium processing. I am reading lot of articles about H1B denials (not sure everything is true) and  concerned about my extension. So it would be great if someone please clarify the below.

Current H1B validity : 30th June 2018

Since my case will be filled under premium processing in few weeks, I will receive response before my current visa expiry date.  What will happen if my extension is denied for some reasons? If my extension is denied before my current visa expire, what are the alternate options?

1.Can I file another application with the same employer

2. Is there an option for me to transfer my H1B to new employer?

Additionally, my employer said I cant file for H1b extension if my PD become current(My PD is Dec 2008 whereas Nov 2008 is the current PD) under AC-21 rule? is it true? If my PD is current, then I can't go for H1b extensions?

It would be great if someone clarify the above?


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