working for Canada client on H1-B Visa - involving weekly travel


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My H1B employer is planning to send me to Canada for a work assignment which lasts for one year. This would require weekly travel (Mon-Fri) from US to Canada. 
1. Are there any legal implications, since I am on H1B visa and working for a client in Canada?
2. Would this have an impact on my H1B status?
3. What would be the impact on processing Green Card ?
4. Will I be required to clear immigration every week?

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Assuming your H1-B employer has the Right to Control your work, benefits, and wages paid in USD and Canadian client does not any control:

1. No implication with respect to H1-B. However, you "may" need to pay taxes in both countries. Consultation with CPA or EA is recommended. 

2. No. 

3. No impact. 

4. Yes. Every week your I-94 will be updated. Enjoy duty-free shopping every weekend. 

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