H1b Renewal After I140 Approval


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Well, there are some rumors circling around. There might be some truth about the "considerations" made by DHS or USCIS about introducing a rule that will not allow people to renew H1B indefinitely while they are waiting for green card approval. If  it becomes a rule, I know a ton of people ( including myself ) who would be forced to leave the country, although I heard that this particular rule cannot be implemented as a result of Presidential Executive Order, it needs congressional approval. Knowing how the President won certain similar cases ( partially ) in the past, like banning certain people entering the country, I am kinda worried about reversal of my fate, right now, all I can do is take whatever the outcome will be.

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I dont know if that needs a congressional approval or not, but the speculation outside is such that these kinda rules, if and when they get implemented, can be countered with a lawsuit, at which point it all boils down to the interpretation of the law written in the constitution. It's not uncommon to have these kinda lawsuits.

If the lawsuit happens and we, the H1B holders see a favorable outcome from it, then the Govt. would be forced to present a bill in the house, which would need a congressional approval. Either way, this will be an harrowing experience for us to go through, with all the uncertainty looming around us.

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