DUI - visa has been prudentially revoked


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 This is for a friend of mine (currently on F1 OPT) , who has recently received a letter from US consulate stating that visa has been prudentially revoked because of a DUI case in Texas couple of months back. The case hasnt been heard yet in court ( have the date next month)

- Does this mean he can continue to stay in US ?

- He is planning to apply for new university to continue studies. Will this get affected ? ( admission being denied etc ?)

- what are his next steps. Anyone is similar boat can help understand what they faced.

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if has valid visa than yes. the revoke happens only when the person leave the country.

in that case, he has to go for interview again for stamping.

Not sure about admission (sorry couldn't help in that as dont want to give any wrong advice )

Get a good attoreny and immigration attorney so that u can atleast reduce the charge 

what was the bac level 

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