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I read many posts but I am still confused with this clock reset for 6 year stay. Here are my entry exit details. Can some one help me how much time I have in US before my employer files my GC.

L1B 13-Feb-2010 -  20-May-2010 - 96 Days

L1B 29-May-2010 - 27-Dec-2010 - 360 Days

H1B 27-Dec-2010 - 24-May-2011 [Change of Status] - Visa Denied when went for Stamping.

New H1B [Thru lottery] - Approved 01-Oct-2012 - 

New H1B 13-Jun-2013 - 24 Sep-2017 - 1559 Days

New H1B 21-Oct-2017 - Till Date [12-Dec-2017]. - 66 Days

My Employer told that my 6 year Clock was reset as I entered US with new H1B petition after 1 year gap between last exit and new employment start date. Is it correct? Do I still have more than a year and half? 







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The clock only resets if a person is abroad for at least a year before a new petition in the quota is FILED. Date of entry is irrelevant, only date of filing matters.

If you left May 24, 2011, the clock would have reset if the new H1 petition was filed May 24, 2012 or later. If it was filed in April 2012, the clock did not reset.

Again, date of entry doesn't matter, date of filing matters.

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