H1b Stamping 221g White slip


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Hi All,

Please help me regarding my H1b Stampng issue.

I have attened my H1b Visa intrw on Nov 7th @HYD consulate. VO asked basic questions and said we can't process your VISA now needs to do admin processing.Returned back my Passport and gave 221g white slip checked (your application requires additional processing before a final decision can be made).

It's been 50 days i still didnt recevied any email or call asking for documents. I have seen no of cases similar to me asked for documents submission. For me still now they didnt even asked any docs. 

Please let me know if anyone in similar situation or seen any cases like mine. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Hi baba_123,

I was in same situation couple of months back.I was eligible for dropbox and dropped doccs on sept 7th..i got a letter from hyd consulate in sept 10th asking me to come for visa interview on sept13th..visa interviewer asked only two questions

1.what is your role

2.how much is your pay

she gave me a white slip and said they need some time to verify my case.I thought it will take a week or so to get visa.I was waiting..waiting..Sept gone,oct gone,slowly i started looking for alternate options (searching job in india,applying for canada express entry)

then one fine day one of my frd from US suggested me to contact local senator.I contacted local senator(Democrat) through email and they responded immediately.They mentioned that if our case is past 60 days they can contact immigration team(USCIS).They contacted USCIS on Nov13th(They sent me acknowldegement email).USCIS contacted my end client on Nov14th and after one week (Nov 21st) they sent an email to me asking to submit passport.I immediately went to Hyd and dropped my passport.Finally i got passport on 24th and i cam back on 26th.My manager helped me very much in saving the job till then(As per our end client company policy they wont keep contractors for such a long period without pay)

So the reason why i told you my story is i went thru exact same situation like you(so i think iam bit experienced in giving you some suggestions)

1.Dont get disappointed/depressed you will get visa for sure.Its just matter of time.Spend some good time with family

2.Request your manager as much as you can to hold the contract(If he/she agrees for remote you are lucky..if not reuest them to hold contract without pay as it will affect visa)

3.Contact your local senator(Believe me it works)

4.Dont go to relatives house.They will either make fun of you or show pity on your situation(spend time with friends instead)

5.Book your return ticket in Etihad 

6.Finally bring some sweets for me while coming back 😊


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